Welcome to Decarbon – energy saving solutions without the capital expenditure

Decarbon specialises in providing investment for businesses and other organisations to lower energy consumption and costs. This boosts profitability and helps businesses remain as competitive as possible while reducing exposure to volatile energy costs. By being more energy efficient our clients find it easier to win and retain their customers by demonstrating tangible measures to lower footprints from lower energy consumption and wastage.

Typical investments include:

  • Industrial processes. Updating and modernising equipment as well as enabling fuel switching to lower carbon intensive fuels.
  • Built environment. Typically upgrading and/or implementing lighting, heating, boilers, air handling, HVAC, controls, building management systems and voltage optimisation.
  • Decentralisation strategies. Removing dependency on the grid by enabling self generation capacity through solutions such as CHP and anaerobic digestion.
  • Data centres. Here the focus is on working with the facilities teams to optimise the building environment while also working with the IT teams to optimise the IT environment. The key aim is to reduce the PuE in an absolute sense to achieve real energy reductions.
  • Transportation. Fleets can move towards lower carbon intensive fuels such as Natural Gas. 
  • Water. As an undervalued resource there are well established ways in which businesses can reduce water usage and make better use of existing resources.

Watch what we do:

Decarbon in the news:

  • We work with organisations to provide an equitable funding solution to achieve energy and carbon reduction
  • Our customers share in the benefits of increased energy efficiency, reducing their energy and carbon costs from day 1
  • The funding is held off-balance sheet* and is repaid out of the money saved from the organisation's energy bill
  • Importantly funding is only repaid if energy savings have been proven by an independent energy auditor
    no saving = no repayment
  • Once the funding is repaid, all future benefits remain with the organisation
  • *under current accounting rules

Decarbon provides the capital and expertise, takes the risk, and shares the benefits – it’s that simple!

See how your organisation could benefit from Decarbon’s funding to make your organisation’s energy use leaner, cleaner and greener.

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